ShiftsMaster -User Manual


On main screen click on REGISTER NOW button Insert your details and choose to register as Manager or employee

ShiftsMaster registration

And choose if you want the week to start on Sunday or Monday. You can choose a password and upload profile picture.

Setting shifts

The first step you need to do is create shifts. This is done from Settings tab - Manage shifts Click on the Plus button to create new shift

ShiftsMaster registration

On the pop up insert the name of the shift (for example 'Morning')
Choose the day (you can choose more than one day)
Choose the starting time of the shift and the ending time.
Repeat this process for every shift you have in your company.
In the end your screen should look similar to this

ShiftsMaster registration

Now you are ready to invite Employees You as a manager has a unique code that you need to give to your employees. Your code can be found on Settings.

You can either ask your employees to download the app, register as employee and insert the code that you have or you can go to Employees tab click on the + button, insert your employee email and Send. An email with instructions how to download the app and your special code will be sent to your employee . When employee is registered with your code the first thing they will need to do is to set their preferred shifts. First time the login they will redirect to that page that can be found under setting. All they need to do it to turn on the switch on their preferred shifts and click SAVE

ShiftsMaster registration

On employees tab you can see all the employees that under your account. Clicking on each employee you can see their details, send them a message or rate them. Now that you have shifts and employees you are all set to start working with the App!

On your home screen you see the shifts for next week. Under each shifts you will see your employees according to their preferred days with white background. This means that it is preferred day but you haven't selected them yet. You can do 3 things:

  1. Let the system to decide. Click on Automatic button and the system will select the right employee for each shifts according their requests and their rating.
  2. Mark the people you want for the shifts and click Update. This will save your selection but will not send any notification to employees
  3. Publish - Once you click publish notification will go to all your employees with the schedule for selected week. You can still update it after but each time you want to send an update to your employee you need to click on Publish.
When you select employees and publish they get notifications and you see their name with blue background and ticked

ShiftsMaster registration

The employee will see on their homepage the shifts that you assign to them and they will need to click on the 'Confirm' button to confirm they saw it

ShiftsMaster registration

When they confirm you will get push notification and you will see the shift with green background. After employee approve shift he can only request to cancel. You will need to approve it. You will see this employee with red background.

You can also add new employee to shift even if they didn't request it by clicking on 'Add new employee'

You can also marked a shift as available and then your employees will see it under Available shifts and they can apply to it

ShiftsMaster registration

On messages tab you can send employees messages and they can reply.

Happy Shifting ! ShiftsMaster team